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Cat Show Master Cat, September 2013, Kharkiv

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If you are pleasant to a cat, she will allow you to become its friend, but the owner - never!
Teofil Gaultier
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The British kitten
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International Cats Show on September 14-15, 2013, the International Championship "Master CAT", Kharkiv (Ukraine).
Experts of the international category WCF:
Monique Biausse, (AB) France
Irina Guseva, (AB) Russia
Tatiana Djachuk, (AB) Ukraine
Tatyana Potapova, (AB) Ukraine
Show results:
WCF-Ring Adult 9th place
This exhibition of cats became the first stage in a home straight of our cat of Janik, on a way to a title of the World champion of WCF. At this exhibition he received the first assessment of CACM, thereby having opened a title of the World champion!
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More photos from the show
British cat video Jannik in the ring WCF
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The British kitten Yannik Silvery Snow age of 1 months.
The British kitten age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 4 months.
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